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Dealer Gift

Dealer Gift - 1 X Drop to all Customers in the past 30 days who did not buy!

Free to you - Free to your dealers. Show off the power of Auto-ups!

Get from Dealer:

  • List-
    .CSV file required
  • Recorded script (.WAV or .MP3)
    • Hi, Sorry I missed you.
      This is {{your name}}, and I’m the
      At . I had
      reached out earlier this month, and wanted to try you one final time.
      We’ve had a big month here, and have lots of trades and fresh inventory from the auction.
      Please give me a call to see if one of these vehicles would better meet your needs.
      My direct number is 555-1212. Again that’s 555 -1212. This is {{ Sales Manager name}} with .
  • Number for leads to dial to reach sales force
Use the form below to submit drop request. Drop will run within 24 hours of submission (Monday - Thursday)