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Important: Automotive Unleashed Facebook Group is a members only Mastermind - only available to Automotive Unleashed customers.

Support staff is instructed to not respond to direct messages to their personal Facebook accounts. If you have a question please either post it publicly in the group so we can help you or open a ticket at

The Facebook Mastermind group for Automotive Unleashed customers only. You will be required to request admittance from within Facebook. An Admin will verify your account and add you to the group. This is a manual process and can take up to 24 hours.

If we are unable to match your Facebook profile to a current Automotive Unleashed account holder you will not be added to the Facebook group.

If your Facebook profile name is different than the name you registered at time of purchase please open a ticket at and let us know that you have requested to join the group and provide

1) Your Facebook profile ID (the display name for yourself on Facebook)
2) Your registered email address you use to log into

1. NO Promotions of any kind! (blog links, site links, etc)
2. NO JV/Webinar invitations/announces/requests/posts
3. NO "viral videos" or "quotes" please (kony, motivate of day, etc)
4. NO Trash Talking! (No posts, Programs...nothing)
5. NO PM Spamming other members
6. NO Antagonists or "Haters" allowed

Violation of any of these rules will result in:

First Offense: Post or comment will be deleted without notice

Second Offense: Post or comment will be deleted and written warning sent via support desk

Third Offense: Post or comment will be deleted and you will be removed from the Facebook group. You will still have access to coaching via live calls. Removal from group due to violation of stated rules does not qualify for refund. Please see refund policy: