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Meet the Course Instructors

Brian Anderson

22 Years Marketing Experience, MBA from Notre Dame in Marketing & Finance. 5 Years Automotive Experience in Marketing, Consulting and Ownership.

Brian Anderson owns and operates Media Mash, a local marketing agency billing $100k/month, his clients include Franchise Retail stores, Automotive Dealerships, Attorneys, Medical Professionals, Political Figures, and CPAs.

In 2009 Brian's first Local Agency was purchased for 7+ figures, which is when Brian expanded to the Online arena and began coaching. Growing his community to over 20,000 members he is one of the most prolific marketers today.

Brian is originally from Florida, and is now a long time Georgia resident. His family; wife Rebecca and four children, live in Peachtree City GA, where Brian was recently elected to the Fayette County School board.

Tommy Frey

25 Years in the Automotive Industry, Tommy started his journey at the Evans Toyota in Foresk Park GA in 1992.

The first month there Tommy sold 26 cars and made over $10,000. It was more money than he'd ever seen before and it solidified Tommy's love for the Auto Sales Industry.

As Tommy continued to excel he was promoted through the ranks to Finance Director, eventually to be recognized as Top 3% for Toyota in the SE Region.

Hungry for the sale - Tommy requested transfer back to the floor where he again was promoted through the ranks until he was named General Sales Manger of his dealership, where he remained until the next opportunity for personal growth presented it'self and Tommy purchased his own dealership, and soon after a second.

Tommy now works with automotive sales at the corporate level training dealership staff in sales and marketing, as well as on security and compliance.